We offer the full range of medical services at Newington Medical.

These include:

Full adult general medical services, including general check ups, pap smears, blood tests, Xray/CT/MRI referrals; blood pressure checks, specialist referrals, travel vaccines, general vaccines, allergy testing and injections, wound management and dressings.
a keen interest in workplace medicine and our attitude is to get people back to work in a safe and timely fashion as soon as possible.
Full childrens health services including childhood vaccines, healthy kids checks, developmental assessment reviews, antenatal checks, baby weighing and measurement.
Chronic disease management including care plans, health assessments – 45-49 and 75 plus, team care arrangements, asthma management planning, diabetes care planning and follow up
Skin cancer checks, mole removal, skin cancer surgery, cosmetic procedures including fillers, botulinum toxins, chemical peels, acne treatments and anti ageing treatments and cosmeceuticals. We have a Cutera excel V laser system for removal of red spots(cherry haemangiomas), thread veins and brown spots.
Specialist services currently include cosmetic medicine, skin and mole checks and removal, skin cancer surgery, varicose vein treatments, thread vein laser, pigmentation laser treatments.
Allied health services include speech pathology

Hours of opening:

Monday-Thursday 10:30AM-6PM

Friday 12:30PM-6PM

Saturday closed

Sunday closed